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2017 vs. 2018

Owing to the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and advertising restrictions on Google, Facebook, Reddit, and other networks, competition has practically doubled, making it more difficult for ICO marketers to succeed with standard tactics. In addition, 2018 is a year where investors will be paying more attention to things like fraud protection, an effective business plan, a precise strategy for its implementation, transparency, and organizers’ observance with the rigid framework.

Like any marketing campaign, successful ICO marketing relies on the data-driven approach. You should consider innovative leadership, social media blasts, extensive research, and a high credibility level. Listed below are 9 marketing practices that you need to follow to market an ICO successfully but firstly we want to cover the main terms of crypto world. Which are the main indicators before choosing where to invest.

The most important terms

24H volume

This indicates how much value of the currency has been sold/speculated during the last 24 hours. This can be shown in USD, BTC or ETH currencies as the value indication. It is important to say that new currencies come rising up, i.e.: Bitcoin Cash, BTC fork. These pop up in the grand exchange markets. A strong hint is to try and choose a currency with at least 10.000 – 20.000 USD of volume. What does this mean? This shows the amount of people in the network believing in the coin. It is better to trust the average estimations rather than go for extremes. In the past there have been times when investors succeeded in gaining a large amount of ROI (return of investment) from currencies with low volume, though this is very rare. Avoid coins with any signs of “PUMP and DUMP” operations. What does this mean? It is a scheme where developers or a group of individuals artificially try to raise the value of a coin and thus attract investors. This usually ends with a huge drop of coin value within a week, day or hour. Always check this in the provided graphs. Sometimes spikes can be due to important announcements and not speculations, therefore always be on top of the latest relevant news in the cryptocurrency channels.

Market Capitalization

This is also amongst the most important indicators. It is calculated by multiplying the amount of coins by it’s current exchange value. The price is only a momentary value of a given time, the real value is the technical side and the team behind the cryptocurrency.

When choosing to invest, it is important to know that the price of the coin can be dependent upon capitalization. It follows that even though the price may be small, it is not necessarily a good investment. Price manipulations are likely to be found where there is a small 24h volume and a large capitalization.

Liquidity of the coin

Briefly, liquidity is calculated by the percentage value of volume and the volume of BTC/ETH. Avoid coins with a small volume. Such a market can be to your disadvantage. Even a small amount of selling on behalf of other investors can have large cuts to your investment.

Developer activity

One of the main factors is your trust. The creation of a coin is largely dependent upon the developers, the scale of their team and their activity. Follow the announcements of the developers and their ongoing work.

The most important things are the originality of the idea, the team, their activity and regularity .

White Paper

This is a document provided by the creators and the community of the project. Read it carefully, it has to make you believe that the investment is worth your money. You have to look out for the exposition of their technology and it’s applicability. The more straightforward, the better. Look for the upcoming plans of the project, the correlation with what has been achieved and whether it is not something that has already been successfully done in the past.

The best ICO marketing practices

1. ICO Listings

Making your ICO findable is a crucial component of any ICO marketing plan. Numerous platforms claim to offer ICO list, but only a few of them are reliable. As an ICO owner, it is important that you register your ICO on a reputable platform, one that entices capitalists to invest. Listed below are three most popular ICO listing sites that you should check out.

  1. coinschedule.com
  2. icoalert.com
  3. https://icodrops.com/

2. Build a Community

Owing to their centralized nature, flourishing ICOs tend to have active and established communities supporting their projects. Hence, strategic ICO launching and marketing depend heavily on building a community. There are numerous ways to approach community building. The first is that you build an active slack (please be aware there are multiple FRAUD cases in slack communities), telegram, or forum groups that your team can manage. There, members of the community can ask questions regarding the forthcoming ICO and share relevant information and news articles with one another.

The most popular way to build a community is through a Whitelist, which is an exclusive list of prospective investors who have shown their interest in an ICO by giving out some of their personal data in exchange for being the first to have a chance to contribute.

You can also use the community to collect feedback on your product and entrench transparent methods of communication between and your team, as well as the community.

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3. Participate in Relevant Events

2018 seems like a great year for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There are countless events all around the world discussing the latest trends, with topics such as new ICOs, startups, and blockchain disruption. Participating in such events will allow you to show face and naturally connect with people who have mutual interests.

You will also get a chance to meet and interact with potential investors on a personal level, and market to them directly. They will also get to hear your ideas and business proposal in detail, thereby allowing them to make more informed decisions. Keep in mind that crowd capital will only come if you succeed in raising the startup capital you require from high-end investors.

The trick is to start early on, before meeting them. Try building up your online relationships and send them the crucial information. The next step is to work on your presentation before an event and spend time trying to make appointments before actually going to the event. Remember to be patient, and follow up.

4. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on Google, social channels and ICO related website is an excellent way to generate awareness for your ICO. The situation in Advertising channels is constantly changing – more and more channels areforbidding ICO related advertising on their channles: Facebook in January, Twitter and Reddit at the beginning of March, and Google in the middle of March. So, don’t rely on just one channel and try to find the best solution through testing.

The best way is to start with outlets that you have ad managers for. Eventually, you will be able to switch to specialized crypto platforms a couple of days before your ICO and on the first day of the sale.

5. Media Outreach and PR

Once you have your site and product descriptions ready, you can begin your public relations outreach. Distributing up to 2 exclusive press releases and publishing around five articles in the most well-known blockchain media channels is a good starting game plan.

But, for that, you might need to hire a professional agency. If you take matters into your own hands and do not have relationships with well-known websites, getting a discount may become difficult and your cost may shoot up to around $10,000 for publications. In addition, you must also be prepared to create high-quality content on your own and also distribute it.

Whichever approach you take, make sure your main account features top-notch content (a good example of an ICO where content was displayed on the main channel is Jincor). If you nail the content, outlets will happily publish it for free. If you are going with press release distribution and top-tier publications, be sure to set up a budget of around $10,000 to $20,000. But if you have good-quality content by your side, there is a good chance for you to go viral.

6. Increase Awareness

You can create awareness about your ICO using numerous ways. In the present-day, technology-driven era, digital marketing is perhaps one of the easiest ways to reach a wide target audience. However, it is crucial to first establish a concrete Digital marketing strategy before actually investing in the campaign. The goal is to approach a target audience that would be ready to invest in your ICO. Nevertheless, be sure to set frequent caps on your campaigns and avoid indulging in an excessively aggressive strategy. Also, make sure your ads show up in the right context. The most popular strategies include:

  • PR – PR is an effective ICO marketing strategy since it is a third-party opinion and therefore, considerably more trustworthy and effective as compared to someone talking about their service or product. From media mentions of your project to PR articles on different social networks, PR can prove to be extremely beneficial for your ICO. But, keep in mind that timing is a critical component. You should plan your press releases and try to get your ICO listed beforehand. Make sure you start at least two months before.
  • PPC Campaigns – Pay per Click (PPC) is one of the effective promotional tools you can use for marketing your ICO online. PPC campaigns offer fast and measurable results, but with more and more restrictions, you have to be extremely creative here to achieve the best results. In addition, they allow you to reach the correct audience since you get to choose when and where your ads will appear based on a range of factors, such as location, website, time and date, device and much more. The flexibility you have enables you to categorize your market and bring your ICO in front of the right niche. As ICO related keywords become more competitive, be ready to offer around $5 per 1 click on your AdWords campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing – With over 1.2 billion active monthly users on Facebook, 240+ million users on Twitter, and 300+ users on LinkedIn, social media is an excellent way of reaching out to your target audience. The thing is, everyone thinks the same, and everyone tries to get their message out via social channels. The goal here is to go viral and reach as many target audience as possible with low costs. Simple, huh? You need to involve some great creative minds to achieve this, but it’s possible. Be innovative, be original, but most important – be yourself.

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7. Native Ads

Native ads are your best bet if you are financially constrained or have an amazing product that you want to tell the world about. Agencies typically include native ads as part of PR, but if you will be handling it on your own, here’s what you need to know.

  • Step #1 – Devise a content plan regarding your market and product. You should properly research the sites that you wish to get published on and try researching their editorial policy as well as top articles.
  • Step #2 – Create a comprehensive plan for every article you want the writer to produce. With the help of this plan, try asking questions that you want the article to answer and offer links to sources from where the writer could fish out this information.
  • Step #3 – Invest in a good blockchain writer and a proofreader.
  • Step #4 – Approach websites for publishing your content. Sure, it will take time (for instance, getting approval for your article to be published on Entrepreneur.com can take up to a month). In a majority of cases, you do not require specialized sites (but it’s helpful nevertheless since crypto investors read them all), you could just publish on your niche sites. However, it will be difficult to explain to novices how they can invest in cryptocurrency.

8. Specialized Forums

You can outsource to an agency to undertake the marketing on different specialized forums, or you could do it yourself. Bitcointalk, Reddit, Quora discussions or Facebook groups are excellent options for bringing attention to your ICO. If you take this endeavor in your own hands, you can expect to pay around $5,000 to good managers. On the other hand, if you outsource to an agency, be prepared to pay around $30,000.

9. Bounty Programs

Bounty is a popular way to generate some traction and awareness, but they are getting less and less useful in 2018. The thing is the same Bounty Hunters are active participants in most campaigns, and they have only one goal – get free tokens and sell them immediately. This leads to limited awareness and a price drop immediately after distributing tokens earned by Bounty programs.

Traditional Bounty programs involve Social activities in the form of retweets, likes, shares and comments, and featured articles about the ICO on blogs. Bitcointalk signature bounties when ICO releases a signature with a code embedded in it and encourage adding it to your Bitcointalk profile signature. The referral program awards you free Tokens if your referral invests in ICO.

After the ICO Sale

Your job isn’t over when the ICO sale is made. You need to keep communicating with your audience since they’re your investors now. Following-up is a critical marketing component since it gives you a chance to learn what your customers (and in this case, investors) are thinking. Ensure that they feel part of your team by sharing with them anything new that happens with the project and keep them updated about its progress. Doing so will help you develop emotional connections and strengthen the bond, in addition to creating a general feeling of trust.

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